VST Synthesizer Instrument with unison, sync, FM and RM, 2 oscillators with 72 waveforms, contains 60 raw waveforms from a hardware synthesizer and also ctrl a and ctrl b mode, and pwm mode for last oscillator, one oscillator with wavedraw, it got 3 lfos with phase and 22 shapes, also one matrix, also 3 mod envelopes, also an amp envelope and it got double filters, and there is 2 vowel filters, it got pitch bend and mod wheel and aftertouch, porta with slide mode, Up to 12 voices polyphony, one main octave, bend range, velocity on/off, very handy for fast sounds, 128 Presets also an stepseq, and there is an sequencer to.


Equalizer, Chorus, Reverb, Overdrive, Decimator, Ensemble, Echo Delay, PingPong Delay, Multi Mode, Fatner.

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